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Building & Development

The Commercial Permit Applications, Single Family Residential Application, and Miscellaneous Building Permit Application forms are organized in phases for different submissions at different times. Print only those pages necessary for that particular phase of the project.

Building & Development Citizen Self Service Center (CSS)

Our Building & Development Citizen Self Service Center allows you to manage your plans, permits, and inspections online.

Commercial Building Permit Application

Apply for a New Commercial Structure, New Hotel/Motel, New Multi-Family, New Commercial Accessory Structure and Commercial Additions to include Multi-Family, Hotel/Motel, Multi-Family and Accessory Structure.

Single Family Building Permit Application

All single-family building permit applications must be accompanied by the Single-Family Building Permit Review Checklist.

Single Family Building Permit Review Checklist

Apply for a New Single Family Home, New Detached Garage, New Residential Modular Structure, New Residential Accessory Structure and Residential Additions to include additions to Residential Accessory Structures.

Miscellaneous Building Permit Application Package

For Single Family, Multi-Family and Commercial Renovations (exterior and interior) when no square footage is being added. Also for Swimming Pools, Spas and Water Features.

Air Barrier Test Form

Checklist for your Air Barrier Test.

Affidavit of Ownership

Form for Owner Consent to perform the work.

Automatic Irrigation Certification

Use this form to confirm operating instructions with the owner.

Certification of Work

Form for Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and Framing Contractors that are sub-contractors on your job.

Final Inspection Requirements Checklist

Use this checklist as a guideline when scheduling Final Inspections.

Homebuilder or General Contractor Authorization

Authorize employees to apply for building permits and schedule inspections.

HVAC Change-out

Apply for a Single Family or Multi-Family HVAC Change-out.

HVAC Website Permitting Activation

Sign up for Online Pay and Print HVAC Change-out permits (Single Family and/or Multi-Family.

Mechanical Contractor Authorization to Sign

Authorize employees to sign Certificates of Work.

Residential Window Requirements

For any construction that includes new or replacement windows or doors.

Sub-Contractor Roster

List all sub-contractors that perform work on your project.

Substantial Damage/Improvement Review Application

Complete this form when the value of construction exceeds 40 percent of the value of the structure.

Underground Electrical Conversion

If you are performing electrical work to covert overhead to underground.

Unlicensed Residential Disclosure Statement

If you are an owner performing building your own home or performing construction on your own home.

V Zone Design Certification

Design professional certification required for construction in Flood Zone V.

Appeal of LMO Official Determination

An Appeal is intended to seek relief from an administrative decision or written interpretation.

Certification of Compliance Application

An application to request final inspections upon completion of a development project.

Corridor Review Application

Application for minor external changes to property within the Corridor Overlay District.

Design Review Application

Aesthetic review of new development, additions and alterations to property within the Corridor Overlay District.

Development Name Application

Application to name a new development.

Extension Request for Development Plan Review and/or Subdivision Application

Request an annual extension of project approval upon expiration.

Family Compound Application

Application to develop a family compound in a Historic Neighborhood.

Family Subdivision Application

Application to develop a family subdivision in a Historic Neighborhood.

Land Disturbance Permit Application

An application requesting inspection of stormwater facilities that have been installed.

Major Development Plan Review Application

Application for projects involving new structures, changes to existing structures or density, or more than five homes on one lot.

Minor Development Plan Review Application

Application for site improvements only, not involving structures or density.

Natural Resource Request Form

Application to alter the natural resources such as trees, buffers and beachfront on a site.

Plat Stamping Application

Application to have a plat stamped prior to bringing it to the County for recording purposes.

Pre-Application Meeting Request

Request an informal meeting with staff to review and discuss conceptual plans for a new project.

Project Revision Request

Request to revise a development plan review or subdivision after the plans have been approved.

Public Project Review Application

Application to develop a public project, whether publicly or privately owned, to ensure consistency with Our Plan.

Sign Permit Application

Apply for a new sign, sign system or modifications to an existing sign.

Small Residential Review

Application for adding two to five homes on one lot.

Special Exception Application

Special Exceptions are uses that are allowed in a zoning district but may not be appropriate everywhere in that zoning district.

Street Name Application

Apply to name a new street or access easement.

Subdivision- Major Application

Application for all commercial subdivisions and residential subdivision of six or more lots.

Subdivision- Minor Application

Application for the division of land into five or fewer residential lots.

Traffic Impact Analysis Application

Application to enable the Town to review and evaluate the traffic impact associated with a proposed development.

Tree Tally Sheet

Used to determine if supplemental tree plantings will be required for new development.

Utility Project Permit Application

Application for new utilities or utilities being modified beyond their existing footprint.

Variance Application

Variances are intended to provide relief from the strict application of certain LMO requirements for a property or associated development if the regulations cause unnecessary hardship.

Wetlands Alteration Application

Apply to alter wetlands on a parcel.

Workforce Housing Developer Application

Application for Developers to participate in the Workforce Housing Program.

Zoning Map Amendment Application

Apply to change the zoning of a parcel or parcels.

Manufactured Home Permit Application

For a new placement or to replace a Manufactured Home.

Elevator Inspection

Third party elevator inspectors form to be completed and submitted before Final or Certificate of Occupancy inspections.

Special Inspectors Daily Report

Third party special inspector's daily report form.

Special Inspectors Registration

Required registration form for Special inspector's.

Statement of Special Inspections

Design Professional's statement of required chapter 17 special inspections to be completed on all commercial jobs.

Request for Estimate of Fees

Use this application form if you are at the beginning stages of planning a project and looking to obtain building permit fees and impact fee information for budgeting purposes.


Accommodations Tax Payment Form

Pay your accommodations tax and beach preservation fee. Learn about Accommodation Taxes

Business License Application

Apply for a Town of Hilton Head Island business license. Learn about Business Licenses

Residential or Commercial Property Rental Business License Application

Apply for a Town of Hilton Head Island business license to rent your residental or Commerrcial property.

Business License Change/Closure Form

Request changes or updates to your business license account or close your business license account. Learn about Business Changes

Local Vendor Preference Application

Apply to be certified as a local vendor to receive the local vendor preference for Town bid opportunities. Learn about the Local Vender Preference

Mobile Food Vendor Operational Permit Application

Operational permits are issued by the Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue Bureau of Fire Prevention. Learn about Mobile Food Vendor Permits

Quarterly Accommodation Tax Report

For property managers to report their quarterly or monthly rentals to the Town.

Infrastructure Services

Stormwater Erosion Control Affidavit

Signifies responsiblity for job site Stormwater Management and Erosion and Sedimentation Control Standards compliance.

Stormwater Plan Review Checklist

Checklist to prepare required Development Plan Review submittal.

Mayor's Initiatives

Mayor's Honored Islander Nomination Form

Nominate individuals for the Mayor's Honored Islander Award recognizing Hilton Head Island volunteers who excel in bettering our community.Learn about the Honored Islander Award

A student can receive Mayoral recognition for volunteer hours earned between May 1 and April 23.
Record of Service Form - Microsoft Word
Record of Service Form - PDF Learn about the Youth Volunteer Service Award

Proclamation / Commendation Request Form

Submit your request for a Mayoral Proclamation or Commendation.Learn about Proclamations & Commendations

Parking and the Beach

Beach Parking Pass Application

To qualify to purchase a beach parking pass you must be a Hilton Head Island resident as evidenced by one or more of the documents outlined on the application. Learn about a Beach Parking Pass

Boat Permit Application - Annual

A permit that will allow a boat to be left on the beach.

Boat Permit Application - Seasonal

A permit that will allow a boat to be left on the beach.

Public Assistance Programs

Home Safety & Repair Program Application

If you are an income-qualified homeowner living within the Town of Hilton Head Island, you may be eligible for the Town's Home Safety & Repair Program. Learn about the Home Safety & Repair Program

Sewer Connection Program

A Program is a grant program to help income-qualified Hilton Head Island homeowners and renters connect their single-family homes to public sewer. Learn about the Sewer Connection Program

Special Events

Special Event Permit Application

An event may be required to obtain approvals and permits. Learn about Special Events

Town Special Event Sign Space Application

The Town has four special event signs around the Island to announce upcoming special events.Learn about Special Event Sign Space

Beach Wedding Permit

Wedding ceremonies performed on the beach require a permit (free of charge) from the Town.Learn about Weddings on the Beach

Town Government

Boards and Commission Membership Application

Town Council fills appointments on various boards, committees and commissions. Learn about Boards & Commissions