Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team is led by the Town Manager with the assistance of the Deputy Town Manager.

The members of this Team are responsible for providing leadership and direction to the various Town departments and serving as liaison between staff and the Town Council.

Marc Orlando, ICMA-CM

Town ManagerMarc Orlando

In the Council-Manager form of government, the Town Manager is the chief executive officer and head of the administrative branch of the municipal government.

The Manager is responsible to Council for properly administering all of the municipality's affairs. Other responsibilities include:

  • Appointing, removing, and setting salaries of any appointive officer or employee of the Town
  • Preparing, submitting to Town Council, and implementing the annual budget
  • Preparing a complete annual report on the finances and administrative activities of the Town for the preceding fiscal year
  • Advising Town Council of the financial condition and future needs of the Town and making such recommendations as may be necessary
  • Performing other duties prescribed by law or required of him by Town Council
  • Appointing of the Town Clerk

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Josh Gruber, JD, MPA

Deputy Town ManagerJosh Gruber

As the Deputy Town Manager, Josh assists the Town Manager in the implementation of Town policies, procedures, plans and ordinances.

He oversees strategic planning, development and delivery of complex programs, initiatives and high-level projects that are large scale, multi-year or have significant impact in support of Town objectives. Josh also oversees legislative matters related to State and Federal legislation. He is responsible for analyzing legislative matters affecting the Town, communicating with State and Federal officials on legislation, and drafting resolutions for Town Council on legislative matters.

Angie Stone, IPMA-SCP

Assistant Town ManagerAngie Stone

In her role as the Assistant Town Manager, Angie oversees and guides activities associated with essential Departments and Divisions to ensure operation in concert with the policies and goals of the Town Manager and Town Council. She maintains effective working relationships with members of the community, elected officials and Town staff.

Areas of Responsibility:

Shawn Colin, AICP

Assistant Town Manager - Community DevelopmentShawn Colin

Shawn is responsible for the Town's Community Development Department. With a focus on progressive community planning policies, growth management, and natural resources protection, Shawn ensures excellence in service delivery and thoughtful implementation of the Town's Comprehensive Plan and Capital Improvements Plan. Additionally, he serves as the Town's Land Management Official, overseeing the implementation of the land management ordinance. Shawn maintains effective working relationships with members of the community, elected officials and Town staff.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Development Services
  • Capital Improvement Projects
  • Community Planning
  • Facilities Management
  • Engineering/Stormwater

Krista Wiedmeyer

Town ClerkKrista Wiedmeyer

At the appointment of the Town Manager, Krista serves as Clerk of Council, serving a liaison between Town Council and its constituents. She works closely with the Mayor and members of Town Council and the Town's senior leadership team. Krista maintains effective working relationships with the community, elected officials and Town staff.

Areas of Responsibility:

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