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Accommodations Tax and Beach Preservation Fee

All persons or businesses leasing or renting sleeping accommodations for a period of less than 90 days or less are required to open an account with the Town's Revenue Services Office.

What is the Accommodation Tax and Beach Preservation Fee?

A tax equal to three percent of the total gross sales price received for the rental of any rooms (excluding meeting rooms), campground spaces, recreational vehicle spaces, lodgings or sleeping accommodations provided to transients by any hotel, inn, condominium, motel, "bed and breakfast," residence or any other place in which rooms, lodgings or sleeping accommodations are provided to transients within the Town of Hilton Head Island.

  • Two percent allocated to Accommodations Tax
    • Used for tourism-related expenditures including such things as tourism-related buildings, beach access, roads, water and sewer infrastructure, maintenance, police, fire protections and emergency medical services.
  • One Percent allocated to Beach Preservation Fee
    • Used for beach renourishment, and beach related services and facilities.

Who is considered transient?

Anyone leasing or renting sleeping accommodations for a period of less than ninety 90 days.

Payment Options

  • Pay Online
    You will need your PIN code located in the upper right corner of your Tax Payment Form.

    Pay Your Taxes Online

  • Pay by Mail:
    • Town of Hilton Head Island
      Attention: Revenue Services
      One Town Center Court
      Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
  • Credit card payments are limited to in person and/or online processing with a threshold of $5,000.
    • To ensure cardholder security, we will not accept credit card information in hardcopy format (received by mail and/or FAX).
    • The hardcopy documents will not be processed and will be returned to you.

When are My Payments Due?

Tax payments for are due quarterly in accordance with the following schedule.

Collected Due
First Quarter (January, February, March) April 20th of the calendar year
Second Quarter (April, May, June) July 20th of the calendar year
Third Quarter (July, August, September) October 20th of the calendar year
Fourth Quarter (October, November, December) January 20th of the calendar year immediately following

What if my tax payment is late?

Failing to remit payment by the due date shall result in penalties being assessed. Penalties are calculated as follows:

  • 5% of the unpaid amount for each month past due until paid in full.
  • Additionally, delinquent businesses are subject to a $1,092.50 municipal summons.

Do I need to submit a form even if I didn't have any sales?

Yes. Remit the form with zero in the Gross Proceeds field.

Do I need to a business license?

Yes, if you own one or more rental properties (or partial interest therein), you will need a business license.


Contact Revenue Services at 843-341-4677.