Housing Action Committee

On May 16, 2023, Town Council authorized the creation of the Housing Action Committee, which will advise and recommend to the Town various housing strategies for their consideration, adoption, and implementation.

The Housing Action Committee will review the Town's Workforce Housing Strategic Plan, the Housing Element of the Town's comprehensive plan, Our Plan, the Workforce Housing Framework and any and all other plans that may be created and adopted to address the Town's Workforce Housing needs and thereafter will make recommendations and suggestions for implementation.

The Housing Action Committee will assist the Town in determining relevant housing policies that will be necessary to accomplish the identified goals and objectives outlined in the plans mentioned above and provide recommendations on any new or innovative ideas to help the Town accomplish its workforce housing goals.

The committee will consist of up to 11 members who may have expertise and experience in housing and community development:

  • General Homebuilding
  • Banking/Finance
  • Non-profit Affordable Workforce Housing Developer
  • For-profit Affordable Workforce Housing Developer
  • Community Representative (Concerned Citizen)
  • Affordable Housing Tenant or homeowner
  • Employer representative
  • Realtor and Real Estate Professional
  • Workforce Housing Advocate (or social service)
  • Philanthropy

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