Short-Term Rental Permit

The Town will begin accepting applications for permits through its short-term rental permitting portal on January 3, 2023.

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All single-family dwellings are required to submit a site plan with their short-term permit application.

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  • Short-term rental permits are valid from January 1 to December 31st.
  • A short-term rental permit must be obtained for each short-term rental property that is offered for short-term rental.
  • Short-term rental permits are non-transferrable and only valid for the property that is issued the permit.
  • It is the duty of the owner to notify the town of any changes of the short-term rental permit.

Short-Term Rental Permit Fee

The short-term rental ordinance establishes the assessment of an annual fee for short-term rental permits.

  • The fee is limited to recovering costs associated with identifying short-term rental properties, ensuring compliance with permitting requirements, and addressing violations.
  • Town Council will determine the annual fee during the annual budget ordinance.
  • 2023 Short-Term Rental permit fee is $250 for each property offered for short-term rental.

Short-Term Rental Portal

The Town has partnered with GovOS to assist with the management of the short-term rental ordinance. The short-term rental portal, to launch January 3, 2023, will provide owners the following services with a 24/7 Online Business Center:

  1. Paperless registration and permitting of a short-term rental property.
  2. Make any changes or updates to the permit or account information.
  3. Maintain owner or short-term rental agent contact information.
  4. Dedicated Customer Service Support Center to assist with permitting questions.

Requirements for Single-Family Dwellings

Owners of single-family dwellings will be required to upload a site plan of their property to show the parking and trash areas which will be reviewed by town staff for approval.

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