Audio Transcript for How to Use the Short-Term Rental Permit Portal Video

Audio Transcript

You will find our new short-term rental portal on our website. When you click on it, it will take you to a log in page. Please do not enter your email address or password at this time as you must register as a new user.

This will then bring you to a spot where it will require your email address. Please enter as required and click the 'Continue' button.

You will then receive a confirmation email, with a link.

Please click on the link as it will bring you to your user profile page. You will then be prompted to enter your email and password.

You will then be prompted to enter your user profile information. Once you have completed this information please click 'Continue to Business Profile'

It is here that you will enter your account number and activation code. Click 'Look Up' and your property will appear…Choose your role and click 'Connect' and then 'Go to Business Center'

On the business center page, about halfway down, on the left is where you will find your open task of 'Read Welcome to the Town of Hilton Head Island STR Permit Application'

Read through the initial message and when you have completed doing so, you may Click the 'Submit' button

This will bring you to the actual Short-term rental permit application. Please complete all required fields as necessary.

You may use your property management company as your short-term rental agent if you have an agreement with them to do so.

Please be sure you have read all our regulations and requirements before answering the yes or no questions located at the bottom of the application.

Once you have completed the application you will sign via electronic signature simply by typing in your name and date. You will the find downloadable information for you to print and post within your property for your guests to read.

Once you have done so you may click the 'Submit' button.

For all those with a single-family dwelling only, it is at this time that you will be prompted to upload your site plan.  The site plan should show both the parking and trash storage areas. Once you have uploaded your site plan, you will click the 'Submit' button.

Once the application has been submitted, you will be prompted to the fee message page, click 'Submit', Read through the next page of information, click 'Payment Method', and then enter your credit card information and click 'Pay Now'

Please allow up to 30 days to receive your confirmation email that your application has been approved. You may then print your permit.

Thank you for being a responsible owner and for renting your property within the Town of Hilton Head Island.