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We aim to provide 24 hour inspection service from the time of notification of inspection request.

Schedule an Inspection

To schedule an inspection, obtain inspection results, or cancel an inspection:

  1. Use our Online Inspection Request Service (as a Registered User)

    Schedule an Inspection Online

  2. Call 843-341-4757
    • Please note that inspections are scheduled the day after requests are made.
    • Please be sure to submit all inspection requests prior to midnight.
  3. Night-time inspections may be allowed for certain extraordinary situations. Call the Building Official at 843-341-4664 to arrange a night-time inspection.

Special Inspections

Special inspector registrations will be required for all individuals performing inspections to be in compliance with Chapter 17 of the International Building Code.

Visit the SC Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation at to register as a Special Inspector.

Certificate of Occupancy or Final Inspection

After passing all inspections and submitting any requested final paperwork, you will receive a Certificate of Occupancy for new construction or a 'Final' for other construction.

Keep in mind that a structure cannot be occupied until a Certificate of Occupancy is issued for a new structure.

Helpful Hints

  • All required paperwork must be submitted to Town Hall before the inspection is requested.
  • Approved plans must be available at the job site.
  • Post the building permit card on the job site at all times in a visible and readily accessible location.
  • Be sure to provide access for the inspection.
  • For efficiency, be sure the job is ready for the inspection prior to requesting it.
  • Failure to complete these Helpful Hints could result in a Re-Inspection Fee being charged.


Contact the Community Development Information Center at or 843-341-4757