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Permit Application Submittal Documents Change

Effective immediately, all wood rot repair, renovation, and alteration permits will now require photographic evidence of the original condition/setup of the space, if no building plans are submitted for plan review.

These photos are required to be taken prior to any demolition of the space and submitted with the permit application documents. It may require multiple photos to see all angles of the space being renovated.

The intent of this change is to ensure all components being changed are being properly inspected per the administrative chapters of the Building and Residential Codes.

IBC 101.2 Scope. The provisions of this code shall apply to the construction, alteration, relocation, enlargement, replacement, repair, equipment, use and occupancy, location, maintenance, removal and demolition of every building or structure or any appurtenances connected or attached to such buildings or structures.
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2021 IBC & 2021 IRC Exterior Stucco Code Change

Due to changes in the recently adopted 2021 South Carolina Building and Residential codes, there are new stucco installation requirements in the codes. We have outlined the changes below and included illustrations of the new installation requirements.

These changes to the codes were adopted by the State of South Carolina and mandated for enforcement effective January 1, 2023 and It has come to our attention that a few stucco/contractors were not aware of these changes to the codes.

Code Sections:

Verbiage from Code:

The primary function of the inboard layer of weather resistive barrier is to keep water away from the sheathing and also from penetrating into the stud cavity. This layer shall be intergrated with the window and door flashings, weep screed at the bottom of the wall as well as any through-wall flashing or exansion joints.

After layers of weather resistant barriers have been installed a space or drainage material is required be installed. See code reference below. Beaufort County is a 3A climate zone.

Effective immediately, you are hereby notified that if you applied for and received a building permit after January 1, 2023, you are required by law to comply with the code requirements of the 2021 South Carolina Building and Residential Codes.
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* Dimpled or raised lath does not meet the code requirements ASTM E2273

Example of Drainage Material

Drawing of drainage material

Example of Installation Method

Drawing of installation method/layers

Updates for Single-Family Building Permits Fees

In order to improve the Town's service delivery and remain consistent with neighboring jurisdictions, a residential plan review fee has been introduced. Beginning July 1, 2023, a plan review fee of 50 percent of the permit fee is due on all residential projects that require a plan review.

Addtionally, beginning July 1, 2023, the Town implemented NPDES fees to cover the costs of plan review and inspections to ensure compliance with the Town's permit. The NPDES fees will help us manage and regulate construction-related activities to keep sediment and other pollutants out the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).

On June 1, 2023, Beaufort County made some revisions to their impact fees including their County Library Fee, County Road Fee and County Park Fee. The county removed the Park Fee for new Hilton Head Island construction and made the fee schedule for their Library and Road fees simpler. There were no changes to the Town of Hilton Head Island Road Impact fees.

New Requirements for Single-Family Building Permits

Beginning Thursday, September 1, 2022, the Town will be implementing the following changes:

  • All single-family building permit applications must be accompanied by the Single-Family Building Permit Review Checklist.
  • A digital set of plans will be required along with 2 hard copy sets.

Please contact Katie Kabala, Customer Services Manager, via email at or by phone 843 -341-4698 for assistance.

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Framing Certificates for Residential Builders

Residential Builders should note that the Town is no longer requiring Framing Certificates of Work to be submitted as part of a Single-family Residential permit.

Updated Rules of Measurement for Height and Municipal Code Chapter 15-9 Flood Damage Controls

The updated Flood Insurance Rate Maps for the Town of Hilton Head Island became effective March 23, 2021, for flood insurance rating.

In conjunction with the map adoption, the Town has updated the Land Management Ordinance (LMO) Section 16-10-102.C Rules of Measurement for Height and Municipal Code Chapter 15-9 Flood Damage Controls.

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Survey Submission Requirements

Beginning January 1, 2021, the following policy and guidance for the submission of foundation surveys, as-built surveys, under construction flood elevation certificates, and finished construction flood elevation certificates will be used.

All Foundation surveys and as-built surveys shall have the required setbacks and buffers delineated and labeled on them.

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