Small and Minority-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Utilization Program

The Town is committed to ensuring that small business enterprises as well as business enterprises owned and operated by women and/or minority persons (collectively "disadvantaged business") are afforded every opportunity to fully and fairly participate in the Town's procurement process for goods and services.

The Town does not have a certification program for disadvantaged businesses, but encourages qualifying businesses to become certified with one of the following organizations:

In an effort to be inclusive in its procurement process, the Town shall regularly consult directories maintained by the above and/or similar organizations to identify and directly solicit certified disadvantaged businesses.

  • The Town encourages disadvantaged businesses to visit the Town's Procurement webpage and subscribe to receive electronic notifications for all Town solicitations.

The Town does not utilize affirmative action in its procurement process, except that in the event of tied bids or proposals involving a certified disadvantaged business and a non-disadvantaged business, the Town will award the procurement to the certified disadvantaged business. Tied bids or proposals involving two certified disadvantaged businesses will be settled with a random selection method.

It is the obligation of the disadvantaged business to submit proof of certification from a governmental entity in the United States at the time they submit their bid or proposal in order for the certification to be considered by the Town in determining an award as described above.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Small and Minority-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Utilization Program is a strategic initiative encouraging business owners to capitalize on Town contracting opportunities.

The program is designed to identify, support, and promote disadvantaged businesses and foster a more inclusive procurement process so business owners can equally compete for Town contracts and provide goods and services to the Town of Hilton Head Island.

A small and minority-owned disadvantaged business is one that is primarily owned and managed (at least 51 percent) by one or more citizens of the United States (or lawfully admitted permanent residents) who identify as Black, African American, Hispanic American, Native American, Asian American, Indian American, or a woman.

The Small and Minority-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Utilization Program aims to ensure awareness and involvement of small and minority-owned businesses in Town contracts.

On the other hand, the Local Vendor Preference provides a bidding advantage to qualified local vendors within the Town's defined boundaries, reducing bid or proposal prices for evaluation purposes.

The Small and Minority-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Utilization Program is open to businesses both on and beyond Hilton Head Island.

However, to qualify for the Town's Local Vendor Preference, the company must be based on Hilton Head Island.

Being a disadvantaged business enterprise does not result in a reduction in benefit.

However, if you are both a disadvantaged business enterprise and a certified local vendor, you will receive the Local Vendor Preference if you have been duly certified.

Eligible small and minority-owned companies can apply for certification through various entities including:

These organizations have specific certification requirements. Interested businesses should contact them directly or visit their websites for more information on the certification process.

There is no cost involved in obtaining certification as a small and minority-owned disadvantaged business.

To explore opportunities that align with the products or services offered, business owners can visit the Town's Procurement webpage.

They may register as a Town vendor through the procurement portal and upload their small and minority-owned disadvantaged business certifications.

Also, the Town actively consults directories maintained by state and federal agencies and other organizations to identify and directly solicit certified disadvantaged businesses.

Yes. Businesses must possess a Town business license.

Additionally, certain businesses may be required to have specific insurance or appropriate professional licenses with the State of South Carolina.


For further informaiton or assistance business contact our Procurement Officer, Richard Groth at or 843-341-4711.


SC Department of Transportation

U.S. Small Business Administration