Hilton Head Island Wetlands

Wetlands are a vital part of the ecosystem of Hilton Head Island.

  • Wetlands improve water quality by filtering surface water of harmful pollutants and trapping sediment that might otherwise enter our creeks.
  • Wetlands also help minimize flooding by providing a natural storage area for high waters and absorbing rainfall into the soil.
  • Wetlands provide habitat for a large variety of plants and animals including many threatened and endangered species.
  • Wetlands provide a myriad of outdoor recreation opportunities including boating, hiking, fishing and bird watching.

Wetlands & Development

Both freshwater and tidal (salt water) wetlands are a vital part of the Island's ecosystem, which is why there are regulations that address this resource.

  • If a wetland will be impacted by activities, apply for a Natural Resources Permit from the Town.
    • This includes activities such as removal of vegetation for views or other reasons, alteration of wetlands or trimming.
  • Depending on the plans, it may also require obtaining other state or federal permits.

Natural Resources Permit Application

View the Application Specific Review Procedures - LMO section 16-2-103.L

View our Community Development Application Process Table


Contact the Community Development Information Center at cdic@hiltonheadislandsc.gov or 843-341-4757