Tree Pruning

The Town has adopted regulations to preserve, protect and promote our natural resources on the island.

  • The regulations apply to trees, vegetation, wetlands, dunes and beaches.
  • Different regulations apply depending on the proposed activity and location.

It is always best to contact our Community Development Information Center at 843-341-4757 for guidance prior to starting a project.

Tree Pruning Requirements

  • Heavy pruning (removal of 20-30% of the tree's foliage) is restricted to once every three years to preserve the health of the tree.
  • Removal of more than 30% of the tree's foliage is considered tree removal and can cause the tree (particularly an older or already stressed tree) to begin to die back.
  • Seasonal pruning (removal of less than 20% of the tree's foliage) is permitted yearly.
  • Topping (removal of any part of the main trunk) is prohibited on healthy trees over 6 inches in diameter, since it creates a hazardous tree.
  • Pruning cuts must be made in accordance with International Society of Arboriculture standards.
  • Painting of wounds with asphaltic tree paint is prohibited.


Contact the Community Development Information Center at or 843-341-4757