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A subdivision is the division of land into two or more lots or building sites.

Types of Subdivision Review

  • Minor subdivisions - the division of land into 5 or fewer residential lots.
  • Major subdivisions - all other types of subdivisions (all commercial subdivisions and residential subdivision of 6 or more lots).

The Subdivision Review Process

A Project Manager will be assigned to guide you through the entire process and be your point of contact for any questions.

Step 1. Pre-Application Meeting

We strongly recommend that you attend a free Pre-Application Meeting for your project. The meeting is an informal discussion of the project with staff to provide comments, suggestions and/or concerns from Town departments that will review your application.

Request a Pre-Application Meeting

Step 2. Submit Your Application

Download the application and submit it with all required materials and filing fee.

Minor Subdivision Application

Major Subdivision Application

Filing Fees:

  • Minor Subdivision Review - $100 plus $10 per lot
  • Major Subdivision Review - $200 plus $10 per lot

Application Deadline:

There are no deadlines to submit a Subdivision Review application.

Application Review:

  • Upon receipt of your application, you will be contacted within 20 days for any necessary revisions prior to approval.
  • Staff comments will be provided to the applicant during a Development Review Team meeting.
  • The quicker you return any revisions to your plans back to staff, the quicker you can receive your approval.
  • Your projet manager also advises you on the timing for any subsequent building permit.

Step 3. Approvals

  • 'Approval' of the subdivision means it is approved to construct the necessary infrastructure (roads, utilities, storm water plans and landscaping), if required.
  • Once the infrastructure has been constructed and inspected, Town staff can stamp the plat for recording in Beaufort County and then the lots can be sold, leased or developed.

View the Application Specific Review Procedures - LMO section 16-2-103.F

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Contact the Community Development Information Center at or 843-341-4757