Site Lighting

When do you need a site lighting approval?

The installation and/or modification to site lighting on all properties, with the exception of single family properties, requires approval from the Town prior to installation.

What types of site lighting are allowed for Hilton Head Island?

View Site Lighting Requirements - LMO Section 16-5-108

Site Lighting Approval Process

Step 1. Site Lighting is generally reviewd with a Development Plan Review Application

When not associated iwth a Development Plan Review application, a site lighting plan can be submitted to the Town's Landscape Associate at

Filing Fees:

There are no fees for this permit application

Application Deadlines

There are no deadlines to submit a Site Lighting application.

Step 2. Staff Review

Use of Pre-Approved Standard Lighting Fixtures

  • Applications for site lighting plans using pre-approved standard lighting fixtures can be reviewed and approved by staff.

Use of Non Pre-Approved Standard Lighting Fixtures

  • Applications for site lighting plans not using pre-approved standard lighting fixtures are reviewed by the Town's Design Review Board
  • Staff will prepare a report that includes a recommendation to the Board.
    Note: This is only a recommendation. The Design Review Board makes the final decision.

Step 3. Design Review Board Meeting

What can I expect at a Design Review Board Meeting?

  • The review of your application at the public meeting.
  • The Project Manager will present the application for the Board's review.
  • You have the opportunity to answer questions that board members may have.

The Design Review Board can:

    • Approve as submitted;
    • Approve with conditions discussed during the meeting; or
    • Deny the application.

View our Community Development Application Process Table


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