Town Special Event Signs

The Town has four special event signs around the Island to announce upcoming special events.

Where are the Town's special event signs located?

  1. William Hilton Parkway between Long Cove Road and Wexford Drive (Town Hall)
  2. William Hilton Parkway and Gumtree Road ( Honey Horn)
  3. William Hilton Parkway between Palmetto Parkway and Beach City Road (Northridge)
  4. William Hilton Parkway near Cora Lane (Crazy Crab North)

What can be displayed on the Town's special event signs?

Signs may only announce events sponsored by nonprofit or public entity or a public service announcement.

Application Guidelines

  • Requests must be received at least two (2) weeks prior to the event.
  • Due to space constraints, copy may be limited to name of event, date(s), time(s) and location only.
  • Events shall not be advertised for more than two weeks, unless no other requests have been received for the additional time period requested.
  • Events shall not be advertised on more than two signs, unless no other requests have been received for the additional sign.
  • If space is not available for all requests at any one time, priority shall be given to the event with the highest point total.

Submit an Application

Use this online form to request posting of your event or announcement on one of the Town's permanent Special Event Signs.

Submit a Town Special Event Sign Space Application

Once the application has been received, it will be reviewed and assigned a sign location.


Contact Angie Stone at or 843-341-4622