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Fire Station Tours

Come Visit Us!

We welcome guests into our fire stations as part of our community and educational outreach. Fire station tours are conducted for church groups, schools, social clubs, mom's groups and other organizations.

  • All tours are personalized for each group based on the age and skill level of the participants.
  • We will show you the fire trucks and the equipment we use, as well as where we live and eat every day.

Request a Fire Station Tour

Contact our Fire & Life Safety Office at 843-682-5141 to schedule a fire sation tour.

Emergencies Happen

The possibility exists that the crew conducting your tour may be called out on an emergency before or during your visit. If this should happen, we may have to close the station and end your visit. We will be happy to reschedule your tour at a later date if necessary.

Walk-ins Are Welcome

Individual children and parents (no groups) are always welcome to stop by and see the station. Again, there is the possibility that the crew may be on a call or in training when you stop by. But, if they are here, they will be happy to show you around.

Fire Truck Appearances

Contact our Fire & Life Safety Office at 843-682-5141 to request a fire truck appearance.