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Home Fire Safety Checklist

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How safe is your home?

Go through our home fire safety checklist for some basic fire safety tips around the house.

Egress /Exit

  • Are exits clear and unobstructed?


  • Are there enough electrical outlets in every room to avoid the need for multiple attachment plugs and long extension cords?
  • Do you have special circuits for heavy duty appliances such as air conditioners?
  • Are all electrical outlets, switches and junction boxes properly covered with cover plates?
  • Are circuit breakers / fuses labeled?
  • Is there at least a 36 inches clearance in front of electrical panel(s)?
  • Are there any exposed wires?

Extension Cords

  • Are all extension and appliance cords checked for wear?
  • Are extension cords of heavy-duty construction and used only as temporary service to small portable appliances?
  • Are extension cords plugged directly into an approved receptacle?
  • Is the capacity of the extension cord greater than the rate capacity of the portable appliance?
  • Are you using extension cords that are tagged with a listing from an independent laboratory?


  • Do you keep your closets and attic clear of combustible materials?
  • If you store paint, varnish, etc., do you keep the metal containers tightly closed?
  • Are oily rags or similar materials stored in metal, metal-lined or other approved containers with tight fitting covers?
  • Are attics, closets and other storage areas kept neat and clean?

Heating and Cooking Hazards

  • Do you turn off space heaters when you go to bed?
  • Do you keep your space heater three feet from anything combustible?
  • Is your oven kept clean of grease?
  • Is someone always in the kitchen when cooking is going on?
  • Do you keep the pot handles turned inward when cooking?
  • Do you keep pot holders, paper towels, etc away from the stove?
  • Do you turn off your dryer when leaving the house?
  • Do you clean the lint tray in your dryer before each use?