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Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance is responsible for maintaining Fire Rescue and Town vehicles.

The Town-wide fleet totals approximately 100 vehicles and includes:

  • 50 cars / trucks for Fire Rescue
  • 27 cars / trucks assigned to Town Hall
  • 15 cars / trucks assigned to Facilities Management
  • 39 mowers, trailers and various off road equipment

Fleet Maintenance performs a comprehensive preventative maintenance program, the testing and repair of all equipment including fixed and mobile generators and all motorized equipment used by the Town.

Fleet Maintenance personnel receive significant training and hold multiple Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) Certifications.

  • This training allows staff to perform most functions typical of a full service maintenance facility.
  • EVT is a credentialing organization that tests and verifies a technician's knowledge and skills and is recognized as a best practice among emergency services organizations.

Fleet Maintenance Staff are on call 24 hours a day to provide emergency repair or support as needed to enhance our service to the community.