Chaplin Historic Gullah Neighborhood

Located between Broad Creek and the ocean near Singleton, Collier and Burkes' beaches.

  • Chaplin encompasses areas along William Hilton Parkway and roads leading to the beach.
  • In the early 1900s through modern time, Chaplin was considered a destination.
  • This neighborhood was a community of farmers and fishermen, particularly those who were skilled with a cast net. Basket weavers and the makers of cast nets were mostly from Chaplin.
  • This neighborhood was also the location for community-wide events, such as picnics and served as an access point for several beaches — Burkes', Singleton, and Bradley Beaches.
  • This community contained several Gullah-owned businesses, with a few still remaining today.
  • Joe Pope Cemetery near Broad Creek and the Central Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, which was once the site of the one-room Chaplin Elementary School, are located in Chaplin.