Squire Pope Historic Gullah Neighborhood

Squire Pope is located near Skull Creek.

  • Squire Pope, which encompasses areas along Squire Pope, Gumtree and Wild Horse roads, holds the distinction of being the largest Gullah neighborhood on the Island.
  • This community was once known for farms that grew watermelon and beans and raised cattle.
  • This area was also known also for shrimp boats and for an organized fishing cooperative on Skull Creek.
  • Before the bridge was built in 1956, most of the Gullah neighborhoods had a one room schoolhouse that served elementary students in their community. However, Squire Pope had a two-room schoolhouse.
  • Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, and Amelia White Cemetery are located in Squire Pope.
  • Squire Pope is the location of the Green's Shell Enclosure, an archaeological site dating back to 1335 A.D.