Why Workforce Housing Matters

We all benefit when there are housing options on the island.

Stable housing serves as a platform for individual and family well-being.

  • Children move less often and do better in school.
  • Adults and children experience better physical and mental health outcomes.
  • Families are more likely to achieve upward mobility and economic self-sufficiency.

Source: National Housing Conference - https://www.nhc.org/publication-category/research/

A mix of housing types and affordability is the basis for inclusive and diverse communities.

  • Housing options offer equitable opportunities for access to opportunities and services.
  • Communities can be places in which everyone can prosper and contribute.
  • Children who grew up here can make their home here as an adult.

Source: Poverty & Race Research Action Council - https://prrac.org/prrac-publications-prrac-authors/

Housing supports vibrant and sustainable local economic development.

  • People have the option to live near their work.
  • Shorter commutes make it easier to attract and retain workers, and reduce traffic for everyone.
  • Workforce housing supports jobs in key sectors that serve residents and visitors alike.

Source: Housing Underproduction the U.S. ECONorthwest - https://www.upforgrowth.org/research

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