Workforce Housing Framework Updates

November 2023

Finding Home
One-Year Progress Report

In November 2022, the Town Council adopted the Workforce Housing Framework, a comprehensive approach aimed at equipping town and municipal leaders with effective strategies and actionable tactics to meet the growing demand for housing preservation and new construction. Guided by four fundamental pillars, the Town and its community partners embarked on a transformative journey to implement this robust framework for addressing this

The framework is focused on 4 core pillars:

Community Pillar

Engage and inform the community on housing challenges, and identify community-led housing programs and solutions.

Management Pillar

Establish a management program and policies to advance workforce housing opportunities.

Planning Pillar

Create a social, political, and economic environment that stimulates workforce housing through planning, policy making, and programming.

Revenue Pillar

Provide a consistent, sustainable, and multi- sourced revenue model for funding workforce housing initiatives and partnerships.

Community Pillar

Asset Mapping

  • In collaboration with the Beaufort Jasper Housing Trust, the Town compiled a comprehensive Asset Map. It includes community partners, nonprofits, local and state agencies, and local churches involved in housing.

Housing Action Committee (HAC)

  • The Town Council announced the following stakeholders to its newly created Housing Action Committee: Jack Alderman (Chair), Sandy West (Vice Chair), Stuart Bell, Candace Birkenhauer, Ayaks Castellanos, Sandy Gillis, Sarah Jones- Anderson, Marc Okner and Luanna Graves Sellars.

Community Engagement

  • Town staff participated in numerous community dialogues and made presentations to the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry, Hilton Head Area Realtors Association, HOME Coalition, SC American Planning Association, SC Association of Counties, Greater Island Council, Lifelong Learning Hilton Head Island, and other organizations.
  • Coastal Community Development Corporation and Habitat for Humanity of the Lowcountry presented proposals to the Town Council for potential future partnerships. Town staff has prepared memorandums of understanding for these collaborations for Town Council consideration.

Lowcountry Affordable Housing Partners

  • Town staff joined this regional collaboration group and have participated in several meetings and presentations. The group is committed to facilitating gatherings and discussions that foster regional workforce housing solutions.

Management Pillar

Public Assistance Programs

Together Consulting

  • Consultant Tammie Hoy Hawkins wascontracted to provide advisory services ,expertise, guidance, and support to help staff implement workforce housing efforts and theaction items outlined in the Framework.

Chief Housing Officer

  • The preferred Chief Housing Officer (CHO) candidate has accepted the Town's offer andwill begin early January 2024. The CHO will support the implementation of the Town'sWorkforce Housing Framework.

Gullah Geechee Historic Neighborhoods Community Development Corporation

Planning Pillar

Northpoint P3

  • In September, the Town announced OneStreet Residential, an Atlanta, Ga.-based firm, as the development partner for a workforce housing neighborhood on Town-owned land. Aproposal for a development agreement is expected to be presented to the Town Council for consideration in the second quarter of 2024.

Anti-displacement Strategy

  • The Town and Housing Action Committee are drafting an anti-displacement and support plan to define strategies and actions to help preserve housing.

Town Land Analysis

  • In January, the Town reviewed all Town-owned properties to determine which could be eligible for workforce housing development.
  • This year, the Town acquired over 25 acres of land for approximately $19.28 million, including 7.19 acres on Bryant Road in the Muddy Creek area for a possible workforcehousing development.

Workforce Housing Toolkit

  • The Town developed a draft Workforce Housing Toolkit Matrix, including over 60 best practice ideas for consideration. The Matrix was presented to the HAC in October. Staff and the HAC will review and evaluate these recommendations to determine which tools and tactics would be most appropriate and effective for Hilton Head Island.

Islander Mixed Use Designation

  • In October, the Town Council approved a new Islander Mixed Use designation that requires a portion of the units be dedicated for workforcehousing units meeting use-specific conditions.

Revenue Pillar

$3.0 Million Committed

  • In June, the Town Council approved $3.3 million in funding to launch a new housing fund to support workforce housing initiatives within theTown.

Regional Housing Fund

  • The Town is a partner in the Beaufort Jasper Housing Trust, which has received $3 million in appropriations in the current fiscal year state budget.

Legislation for the Development of Workforce Housing

  • Act 57, introduced by Sen. Tom Davis, was adopted to allow local governments to use up to 15 percent of their accommodations tax (ATAX) tosupport workforce housing.
  • As required by legislation, the Town is preparing a housing impact analysis to present to the Town Council in Q1 2024.

Framework Updates