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Pets and Service Animals Ready

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You should be prepared to provide your own basic necessities for at least three days during a disaster. Additionally, you need to make the same preparations for your pets or service animals.

Do not leave your pet behind!

Pets and Service Animals Emergency Supply Checklist

Modify this checklist to suit the needs of your pet(s) and/or service animal(s).

  • Food and water bowl
  • Manual can opener
  • Proof of vaccination and medical records
  • Veterinarian emergency plans and emergency contact information
  • Contact information for a veterinarian at your evacuation location
  • Certification or documentation for Service Animals
  • Current photo of the animal with the owner
  • First aid kit
  • Extra leash and collar
  • Crate, bed, and/or blanket
  • Litter, pan and plastic bags
  • Toys


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