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Hazardous Materials Incident Ready

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Occasionally, a hazardous materials release may affect a significant area.

Hazardous materials are materials or substances that pose a danger to life, property, or the environment if improperly stored, shipped, or handled.

If you see people suffering from watery eyes, choking, difficulty breathing, twitching, blistering, itching, or loss of coordination, recognize that these may be signs of a hazardous materials release.

  • If you see these signs, try to move uphill and upwind from the source if you can.
  • If a chemical is spilled inside of the building you are in, try to leave the building without passing through the source of the spill.
  • If you cannot exit the building without passing through the affected area, try to move as far from the spill as possible.
  • If you think you have been exposed to a hazardous material, get to a safe location, remove all clothing and wash with soap and water.
    • Be sure not to scrub the material into your skin, and instead flush it off of yourself with water.
    • Call 911 immediately afterwards for assistance.
    • If you are indoors during a hazardous materials release, you may be asked to shelter in place.