Our Process

Principles and Process

  • To guide the development of Our Plan
  • Approved by the Public Planning Committee of Town Council in September 2018

Our Plan Development Team

  • Ad hoc committee of Planning Commission appointed by Town Council
  • Comprised of the Comprehensive Plan Committee of Planning Commission and five community members
  • Role was to ensure the Principles and Process were followed and there was meaningful collaboration between the Work Groups.

Our Plan Work Groups

  • Eight groups total with 8 to 12 members and one staff coordinator
  • One Work Group formed for each Core Value with a Parks and Recreation Task Group
  • Recruitment for Work Groups began in early 2019

Work Group Participation

  • Met twice per month in public work sessions from late May through November 2019
  • Almost 100 group meetings with over 900 hours of community participation
  • Led by Community Development staff coordinators assigned to each group
  • Role was to develop goals and strategies for the Comprehensive Plan structured around the Core Values
  • Work Group participation was organized into a three-phase work plan