Our Plan Structure and Content

Front Matter

Acknowledgements, Content, and Executive Summary

Section 1.0, Our Purpose and Process

The genesis of Our Plan and the Town's process to develop the plan, along with specifics about our community engagement and the plan's adoption timeline, are included in this section.

Section 2.0, Our Community

This section presents the Elements. Incorporation of the Elements at this stage in Our Plan accomplishes several important objectives:

  1. Provides an overview and guide about the Island the Town with our Island history then existing conditions data organized by Element.
  2. Connects Our Plan to prior versions of the Comprehensive Plan so that data can be tracked from one version to the next.
  3. Strengthens the tie between the state regulations and Our Plan.
  4. Defines each element specifically for Hilton Head Island.

Section 3.0, Our Core Values: Seven Core Value Chapters

This section presents the Core Value chapters and a bulk of the goals, strategies, and tactics for Our Plan.

Each chapter includes:

  • Overview
  • Key Ideas
  • Goals (with keywords)
  • Strategies & Tactics
  • Elements Matrix

The Core Values and the Elements

Each Chapter has a matrix the cross-references the goals and strategies with the Elements to:

  1. Provide a snapshot of how each Core Value aligns with the Elements
  2. Further strengthen this correlation of the Core Values with the Elements
  3. Serve as a reference for searching the Core Values by Element

Section 3.2, The Elements and Core Values presents the inverse relationship between the Elements and Core Values.

  • Provides a quick reference to how the Core Values address the Elements and to ensure the goals and strategies of Our Plan are searchable by Element.
  • There is a page for each Element with a version of the wheel shown left, where the Core Value goals contributing to the specified Element are rendered in color.
  • Presents a visual representation of the extent to which the Core Values are distributed for each Element.
  • The goals contributing to each Element are then listed by goal number and keyword, with their corresponding related strategies.

Learn More About Our Core Values

Section 4.0, Our Parks + Recreation

The purpose of Section is to tie the needs assessment research and analysis done in 2019 with Our Plan and to fill the role of the Recreation Element.

This Element has a stand-alone section in Our Plan because it represents a significant area of interest and investment falling within the Town's jurisdiction and scope of work for the Island community.

  • Parks and Recreation Task Group participated in the development of Section 4.0, including the goals and strategies
  • Presents an overview of the Island's parks and recreation system infrastructure and programs with goals, strategies, and tactics
  • Includes a historic overview of the Town's parks development
  • Includes the needs assessment Recommendations with Town Action Items

Our Vision for Parks + Recreation

HIlton Head Island is recognized for best-in-class parks and recreation by building diversity of recreational, arts, and quality of life offerings for all residents and visitors.

Parks + Recreation Goals

  1. Community Value: To continue to promote and prioritize the value parks and recreation add to the Island community.
  2. Best-In-Class: To provide best-in-class recreation facilities and programs in the Island's public parks.
  3. Programming: To celebrate the unique natural amenities and cultural assets of the Island through education facilities and programs in public parks.
  4. Water: To continue to improve and increase opportunities for water access.
  5. Pathways: To continue to improve and enhance the multi-use pathway network on the Island for recreation and transportation.
  6. Sports: To continue to provide opportunities for sports tourism on the Island.
  7. Funding: To generate sufficient funds to construct new, redevelop as needed, and maintain all parks in best-in-class condition.
  8. Accessibility: To promote multi-dimensional inclusion and access for all parks, facilities, and recreation programming

Needs Assessment Initial and Final Recommendations

Prepared by Lose Design for the Assessment

  1. Existing and Proposed Park
  2. Recreation Facilities
  3. Programming
  4. Funding

Town Action Items

Prepared by Staff in addition to Lose recommendations based on community input and staff review of the needs assessment.

  1. Existing and Proposed Parks
  2. Recreation Facilities
  3. Programming
  4. Funding
  5. Maintenance and Operations

Section 5.0, Our Priority Investment

In compliance with the South Carolina Priority Investment Act, the Town has developed the Priority Investment element in Our Plan Section 5.0.

  • This presents an analysis of the funds available for public infrastructure and facilities, with recommendations for projects to use these funds.
  • The purpose of this section is to tie the capital improvements needs identified in Our Plan and other adopted Town plans to the Town budget for the current and upcoming fiscal years.
  • This Element has a stand-alone section in Our Plan because it represents a significant area of interest and investment falling within the Town's jurisdiction and scope of work for the Island community.

Priority Investment Goals

  1. CIP Process
    To develop and review the Town's annual CIP and Ten-Year CIP based on recommendations of projects from adopted and approved Town plans and community input where feasible.
  2. Collaboration
    To prioritize public infrastructure projects to the extent practical through coordination with adjacent and relevant jurisdictions and agencies.
  3. Growth; Resilience
    To provide the community with necessary services and facilities, and maintain sufficient flexibility to meet the challenges associated with growth or natural disasters.
  4. CIP Revenue
    To develop revenue sources to fund the delivery of capital services, maintenance, operations, and projects meeting the needs of the Town, residents, and visitors.
  5. CIP Expenditures
    To expend funds in order to meet the capital needs of the Town, residents, and visitors through review, planning, and implementation of the CIP.

Section 6.0, Definitions and Index

Section 6.1: Definitions

  • Supports Our Plan as a reference for readers to understand technical or Town/Our Plan specific terminology

Section 6.2: Index

  • Supports Our Plan as a reference for readers to quickly find topics of interest

Section 7.0, Appendix

Secion 7.1, Town Adopted Plans

  • Comprehensive listing of the Town's adopted plans that are referenced throughout Our Plan
  • Plans that are incorporated in conjunction with the development of planning and policy initiatives as they are filtered through and grounded in Our Plan

Section 7.2, Our Plan Resources

  • Resources and references more specific to Our Plan's process, development, and foundation