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What We Do

Fire Protection

Fire companies serve from seven fire stations across Hilton Head Island, each with an engine or quint and an Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance. A Truck Company and one Battalion Chief fill out the apparatus assignments at the fire stations.

Emergency Medical Services

The majority of HHIFR's emergency calls are medical in nature. We have instituted a cross-staffing approach to handle the EMS call volume. In the event of a medical call, specific engine company personnel will respond in the ambulance assigned to that station. This decreases our response times and increases our service efficiency.

Fire Prevention

We focus on the prevention of fires and life safety through a comprehensive fire inspection and public education program.

Our fire inspectors work hard to eliminate the fire and life safety hazards in buildings and ensure the maintenance of fire protection equipment and systems.

Our Public Education program arms the community with the knowledge to prevent situations that threaten life safety or deal with them should they occur.

Fire companies provide ongoing support to our fire prevention efforts by participating in school visits, fire drills, and educational initiatives throughout the community.

Special Teams

Our department participates in a partnership with a neighboring department in the staffing and management of a Regional Hazard Materials Team and a Regional Urban Search and Rescue Team.

A Day in the Life of a Firefighter

In this job, no two days are alike, but each 24-hour shift typically consists of the following:

  • 8 am start time, 8 am end time
  • A thorough check of every apparatus for fully-stocked equipment and functionality
  • Fire station cleaning and maintenance
  • Training drills and community events
  • Around-the-clock emergency response: Calls are always #1!

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