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The fire service is a profession that will challenge you physically and mentally. You will grow as an individual while positively contributing to the overall team effort. Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue will provide you a positive, professional environment with ample avenues to pursue career advancement through public service.
--- David Bell, Battalion Chief

I am honored to work for Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue, and to serve the community where I grew up. Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue has provided me with limitless opportunities for personal growth and professional advancement. The department provides access to training, classes, and top of the line equipment for us to perform our job. No two days are alike on shift, so you will constantly be able to learn something new. The best part of the department is certainly the crews you will work with. We have knowledgeable and passionate personnel from all walks of life working together to accomplish goals.

The Town of Hilton Head Island and the department have a focus on customer service that is evident in our care and interactions with Islanders and visitors alike. I feel pride in saying that I am a firefighter for Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue and it is truly the best job ever.
--- Michael McCullion, Fire Appartus Operator

Growing up I watched my dad who was a firefighter and have always admired and looked up to him for it. Some would say that it's in my blood. I chose this profession because I enjoy helping others. After completing my Business Degree at USCB, I realized I wanted to be more involved serving the community that I was born and raised in. I wanted something that challenged me to be on top of my game at all times. We are constantly striving to be better and overcome any challenges we face. Being a Firefighter/EMT requires you to constantly adapt, train, and stay educated in the world we live. It's a great feeling waking up in the morning to be part of such a great organization and team. The department is like an extended family.
--- CJ Steedley, Fire Apparatus Operator

My passion to serve our community is boundless. Growing up on Hilton Head Island was wonderful. Being able to give back to this community by serving the citizens and visitors on our island is even better. As a humble servant to this community, I am honored to be called upon in some of the most challenging moments of someone's life. I am grateful to those who have served before me. I am encouraged by those who serve with me. I seek to be an inspiration for those who will serve after me.
--- Lee Jenkins, Captain

I can't think of a more fulfilling career than emergency services. Supporting the community that I grew up in has been an achievement of a lifetime. I'm proud to be a part of a world class organization that delivers top notch customer service.
--- Willie "BJ" Ferguson, Captain

As a longtime resident of Hilton Head Island and employee of the Town, I have always found that our community holds Fire Rescue in high regard and shows support and appreciation for the service we provide. The Town and Fire Rescue has always strived to remain competitive in pay, benefits, and bonuses.
--- Tim Olander, Captain

In the time that I have served Hilton Head Island with our fire department, the main point I've appreciated is the professionalism from the top down. I have enjoyed being able to learn so many new skills, almost daily. Working for Hilton Head Fire Rescue has made me feel more connected to our community. These are only a few of the many reasons I am excited to be working for our town.
--- Matt Edmunds, Firefighter

I never grew up wanting to be a firefighter/paramedic – I fell into this job by accident, and 24 years later it has been the most rewarding decision of my life. Looking back on the lives I have positively affected over the last 24 years is the ultimate reward! There are very few jobs out there that can impact lives like we do – and better yet, most often we are saving the lives of our family, neighbors, and friends within our own community – what better reward is there than that!

This job will provide you the ability to think creatively and develop the mental toughness to work through processes in every aspect of your life. Your passion for the job is the foundation of our great customer service.
--- Janet Peduzzi, Captain

As a member of HHIFR I have had many great opportunities in the almost 9 years I've been employed. I am a member of the regional HazMat and USAR teams. I have really enjoyed all of my assignments as a firefighter, driver, and now Lieutenant. The firefighters I work with are like a second family to me and I wouldn't be where I am today if not for support from all levels of the organization. One of my favorite things about HHIFR is that the administration and members are always seeking ways to stay at the forefront of the fire service , always seeking input from members of all ranks. Personally I have had the opportunity to develope and lead instruction all while being backed by the administration. HHIFR provides clear guidance for moving through the ranks and promotes member advancement through ongoing education. I look forward to leading newer members and seeing them grow and become great firefighters and well rounded humans.
--- Joe Zoffoli, Captain

HHIFR is unique in the fact that the experience you have here is the one you choose. Outside of emergency response there are opportunities to contribute and have an impact at every rank. There are chances to be involved with equipment & apparatus purchases, special teams, public education, strategic planning, training development, and various special committees. This is a forward looking fire department that is constantly evolving due to the input of all of its members. Your level and area of involvement is the one you create, and I think that makes our fire department an exciting place to spend your career.
--- Chris Darmon, Fire Apparatus Operator

As someone who has grown up on Hilton Head Island, it has been a great honor to be able to serve this community. Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue has given me many countless opportunities to grow as an individual and as a firefighter/paramedic. Being able to come into every shift knowing that I can provide a meaningful service to the individuals and visitors of Hilton Head Island is the best part about working for Fire Rescue.
--- Andrew Groff, Captain - EMS