Protect Your Property from the Flood Hazard

Various methods may be used to minimize flooding.

Consider elevating your structure if the lowest floor level of your property is lower than the base flood elevation.

Review options to flood-proof your home such as waterproof exterior walls or watertight closures at doorways.

Use water-resistant materials during construction such as paint, paneling, insulation, floor coverings, cabinet materials, etc.

When possible, place major appliances (such as washer, dryer, furnace, and water heater) at least one foot above the projected base flood elevation.

Make sure the grade of the yard surface slopes away from your home.

Extend down spouts away from your home.

Clean rain gutters to make sure that they do not dump water directly on the foundation.

Reduce flooding by keeping trash and debris out of streets, sidewalks, streams and ditches.

When a flood is imminent, sandbags can help protect your living space from the entry of water and move valuables and furniture to higher levels of your dwelling.

Town Staff can make site visits to provide one-on-one advice to property owners regarding flooding and drainage issues on private property.

Grant assistance may be available to help raise your house above the base flood level.


For additional information or to schedule a site visit, contact the Community Development Information Center at or 843-341-4757.