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Dirt Road Improvement Program

The Town has created a program aimed at paving dirt roads across the Island, provided property owners grant their permission. After the approval of the donation of the public right-of-way by the property owners and the Town, the Town will maintain that road forever.

Our goal is to collaborate with property owners to enhance road quality and facilitate better service access. Funding for road paving is included in the Town's capital improvements program budget.

Advantages of Road Paving:

  • Enhanced and safer access for residents and visitors.
  • Improved emergency access.
  • Reduced vehicle maintenance requirements.
  • A cleaner environment, particularly during rainy periods. Paving reduces dust generated by driving on dirt roads.
  • Increased road safety; paved roads offer shorter braking distances and improved control in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Improved drainage systems.

What are the requirements to participate in the Program?

  • The road must serve five or more homes, each with its own address.
  • All property owners must express interest in having the road paved and consent to donating the public road right-of-way to the Town.
    • Community volunteers may work with Town staff to secure of right-of-way donations.

Dirt Road Paving Program Process

Step 1. Property owners must first approach the Town to evaluate whether their road meets the criteria to be paved.

Step 2. To facilitate the paving procedure, the Town depends on voluntary donations of public road rights-of-way from property owners for construction of the road.

Step 3. If the donations align with the Town's acceptance standards, an official public Town right-of-way will be documented, and the Town will assume the ongoing responsibility of its maintenance.

Step 4. Town staff will lead the road's design, encompassing specifications for right-of-way dimensions, pathways, and storm drainage.

Step 5. Following all approvals, the paving project will be advertised for bid among contractors. The start and completion of the project will be contingent on availability of funds.

If you and your neighbors are interested in having a dirt road paved, contact Karla Vincent, Project Manager - Roads, via email at or call 849-341-4779.


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