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Dirt Road Improvement Program Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions you may be asking about our Dirt Road Improvement Program.

The Town's fiscal year 2024 capital improvements budget includes the following roads to be paved:

  • Alfred Lane
  • Alice Perry Drive
  • Freddie's Way
  • Mitchelville Road (Fish Haul to end)
  • Pine Field Road

There are currently 92 dirt roads on the Island.

The majority of these roads are private, have no clear title, or no clear right-of-way.

Beaufort County owns six unpaved roads on the island.

Land may only be condemned as necessary due to unclear title issues.

The material will depend on the sub-surface conditions but will generally be asphalt or concrete.

After road right-of-way has been donated to the Town and the  road is added to the Capital Improvement Program budget, work begins almost immediately in the form of survey, design, and permitting.

Construction may not begin for up to a year after the project is in the budget and has been fully designed and permitted.

If work is scheduled on your road or on a road that affects access to your property, you will be notified at least two weeks before work starts by the following:

  • Notice on your door or mailbox.
  • Email notification provided we have your email address.
  • Road signs notifying property owners and residents of upcoming work.

The construction process generally takes less than 6 months, depending on project size and length of the road.

This is specific to each road and depends on teh width of the right-of-way, but normally the road would be two lanes, and the width of the road would be 20 feet.

Yes, there will be regulartory traffic signs added to the roadway.

Yes. The Town will be responsible for the maintenance of the road and addressing any issues that may arise because of paving.


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