Disaster Debris Removal

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If a natural disaster strikes the Island and generates all sorts of debris ranging from building materials and tree limbs to electronics, the Town has a plan to deal with it.

Our Debris Management Plan (DMP) prepares for and guides the Town's debris operations during our response and recovery efforts after a natural disaster. The Town has established plans to remove, reduce, and dispose of disaster-generated debris.

Although the majority of the streets on the Island are maintained by others, the Town has agreements with Beaufort County, the state and most of the private road owners to allow our contractors access to remove disaster-generated debris.

  • In the event of a major storm, our first priority will be to clear debris from the roads for emergency personnel and to provide access to critical sites such as the hospital, government facilities, and the utility companies.
  • After that, we will clear key routes based on priority of use, from major thoroughfares to the local streets.

Residents should be aware that it may take some time before residential streets are cleared of debris and standing water.

  • Debris collection efforts will begin after the initial road clearance efforts are complete.

Residents should not expect all debris to be collected at once. This process will take time and coordination with the road owners, FEMA, and other entities.

  • Roadside collection and removal efforts will continue until it is determined that all eligible storm-related debris has been satisfactorily removed.

The Town will pick up FEMA eligible disaster-related storm debris placed along the edge of the road on all publicly maintained roads and private roads where a legal right-of-entry has been granted to the Town.

Once debris is collected from the roadside, or citizen drop-off sites, it will be transported to one of two debris management sites on the Island or the ultimate disposal site off-Island.

  • The two debris management sites identified in the DMP are at Honey Horn and Chaplin Community Park.
  • The debris will be segregated and processed. Vegetative debris will be reduced at the management sites prior to going to the ultimate disposal site or landfill.
  • Residents will only be able to take storm-generated debris to the citizen drop-off sites listed above, and are not allowed to enter the debris management sites.

Tips for Debris Removal

  • Do Not attempt to handle debris near downed power lines. Contact Palmetto Electric at 843-208-5551 about the status of lines near your home.
  • Debris collectors will be responsible for addressing different types of debris at different times.
  • When placing your debris in the road right-of-way, please separate different types of debris into distinct piles to facilitate faster collection: loose vegetative debris, hazardous waste (paint, pesticides, etc., appliances or "white goods" (refrigerators, air-conditioning units, etc.), and construction/demolition debris.
  • Place debris along the curb or edge of the pavement as soon as possible after the storm in anticipation of collection.
  • Keep debris away from utilities such as fire hydrants, cable, or telephone boxes to avoid damage during pick up.
  • Residents of multi-family developments may bring their debris to the nearest road right-of-way and ask their POA to coordinate rights-of-entry if the road is privately maintained.
  • Commercial, vacant, and non-residential properties shall dispose of debris generated on their properties and not place it in a public or private road right-of-way where debris is being collected by the Town.
  • The Town may enter onto private property to remove storm-generated debris in accordance with Town Code, Title 9, Chapter 1, (Public Nuisances and abatement thereof) and Section 9-5-211 (Post-disaster Debris Collection).
  • Temporary collection centers may be activated for residents following a major storm. These are only for Hilton Head Island residents. Contractors and commercial enterprises will not be allowed to dump at the temporary collection centers. Residents will need to provide a proof of address when taking stormrelated debris to the collection centers.

Potential Citizen Drop-Off Sites

  • Coligny Beach Parking Lot (1 South Forest Beach Drive)
  • Leg O Mutton Road across from Gardner Drive (old concrete plant)
  • Old Gullah Flea Market Site / Chamberline Dr (120 William Hilton Parkway)

Debris Managment Sites map