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Parks + Recreation Plan Vision & Goals

Hilton Head Island is recognized for best-in-class parks and recreation by building diversity of recreational, arts, and quality of life offerings for all residents and visitors.

Community Value

To continue to promote and prioritize the value parks and recreation add to the island community.


To provide best-in-class recreation facilities and programs in the island's public parks.


To celebrate the unique natural amenities and cultural assets of the island through education facilities and programs in public parks.


To continue to improve and increase opportunities for water access.


To continue to improve and enhance the multi-use pathway network on the island for recreation and transportation.


To continue to provide opportunities for sports tourism on the island.


To generate sufficient funds to construct new, redevelop as needed, and maintain all parks in best-in-class condition.


To promote multi-dimensional inclusion and access for all parks, facilities, and recreation programming.

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