Additional Perks and Benefits

Employees who earn benefits get time off with pay.

Tuition Reimbursement

Employees who earn benefits may get reimbursed for tuition.

  • You are reimbursed for registration and other required fees at 100 percent, up to $5,000 a year
  • Pro-rated repayment will be required if an employee terminates employment within one year of receiving reimbursement

To be eligible for tuition reimbursement, you must:

  • Be a regular, full-time or part-time employee
  • Have a minimum of six months of service
  • Have at least an overall satisfactory rating on your last performance evaluation
  • Earn a C or better, for graded courses
  • Earn a Satisfactory or Pass, for ungraded courses
  • Submit the documentation (grade report and tuition bill/payment receipt) for individual courses successfully completed within 30 days of course completion

Relocation assistance is available to new employees in designated positions and is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Employees terminating from the Town within one year of reimbursement for relocation-related expenses will be required to repay a pro-rated portion of the original reimbursement.

After six months of employment, you are eligible to receive an interest-free loan of up to $3,500 with a repayment period of three years to purchase computer equipment.

Certification / Degree Bonus Program

You may be recognized and rewarded by receiving a bonus for attaining a job-related certification or degree (for example, Associate, Bachelor's, or Master's degrees), if all requirements of the bonus program are met.

Service Anniversary and Retirement Awards

As you reach significant milestones in your Town career (1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years of service, and at retirement), you are eligible to receive service awards, including certificates, gifts, and cash bonuses.

Employee Referral Bonus Program

We have a bonus program to encourage you to refer qualified candidates for vacant positions.

  • Employees referring new hires are eligible to receive $500 for an exempt hire and $250 for a non-exempt hire once the new hire has successfully completed a six-month probationary period.