Short-Term Rental Permit Site Plan

Short-term rental permits require the submittal of a site plan for the rental property showing the locations of the designated parking spaces and trash storage.

  • This plan does not need to be a formal survey.
  • A site plan is required of all single-family dwellings only.

Site Plan Requirements

The site plan should show the property lines and house location with the following:

  1. The number and location of parking spaces.
    • All parking spaces must be a minimum of 9 feet in width and 18 feet in length per space.
    • The parking spaces must be located on improved surfaces, like driveways, and cannot be on grassed or landscaped areas.
  2. The location of the designated trash storage area.
    • This area must be fenced or screened so that trash containers are not seen from public streets and neighboring properties.
  3. Site Plan of 70 Shelter Cove displaying parking and trash receptical

Creating the Site Plan

There are three ways to make the site plan:

  1. If you have a survey of your property, you can draw the information above onto that document and submit.
  2. If you do not have a survey of your property, you can visit our online site plan app, which will allow you to create a site plan that can be saved and then uploaded.

    Short-Term Rental Site Plan Generator App Tutorial

  3. If you need additional assistance, contact and we will assist with preparing the site plan for your property.

Submitting Your Site Plan

To upload a site plan of their property showing the parking and trash areas:

Visit the Short-Term Rental Portal