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Demolition Work on Town-owned Property Starts This Week

March 20, 2023

Site demolition activities on property the Town of Hilton Head Island owns at 355 William Hilton Parkway will begin this week.

Due to ongoing heavy equipment activities on the property, the Town has closed all access points into and thru the property between William Hilton Parkway and Main Street. The closure will remain in place until demolition and site improvement work are completed.

The property is the site of the former Modern Classic Motors car dealership. The Town acquired the three parcels comprising the site in 2019. The buildings that were on the property were demolished in 2012, leaving only the concrete building footprints, drive aisles and parking areas. JS Construction Services, a contractor for the Town, will remove the remaining building slabs and portions of other paved surfaces.

Until further notice, this property will be considered an active construction zone and is not open to the public. For more information, contact Chris McVey, Contract & Administration Manager, at 843-342-4581 or

Carolyn Grant, Communications Director