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Tree Maintenance and Site Cleaning Work for Town Property Near Shelter Cove Community Park to Start Week of June 1

May 23, 2022

The Town of Hilton Head Island will perform site maintenance on the Town-owned parcel adjacent to Shelter Cove Community Park.

Beginning Wednesday, June 1, the Town’s arborist will remove several hazardous, dead, and fallen trees from the wooded area on the site. Work will also include the removal of overgrown, invasive vegetation, trash, and debris. Work is expected to be completed by the middle of June.

In preparation for the upcoming expansion to the Shelter Cove Community Park, Town staff has identified a stand of specimen and significant live oak trees on the property. The trees have been negatively impacted by dead and fallen trees and vegetation overgrowth. The effort to clean up the area and remove the dead materials from around healthy, specimen trees will provide them the best conditions possible to thrive and will highlight a significant environmental feature for future park expansion.

For more information, contact Erik Ladd, Project Manager, at 843-341-4656 or

Carolyn Grant, Communications Director