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Building Demolition Work Begins Wednesday, June 2

June 1, 2021

Demolition of buildings on property the Town of Hilton Head Island owns at 160 William Hilton Parkway is scheduled to start Wednesday, June 2. The property includes three abandoned yellow buildings that has occupied the site since the early 1960s and once housed a restaurant, a motel, offices and other shops.

Work will take place between 8 am and 5 pm this week through Friday, June 4. If necessary, work may be extended into next week with a completion date of Friday, June 11.

Noise related to the demolition project is expected in the vicinity where the buildings are located. Motorists and pedestrians are advised to be cautious and aware of trucks entering and exiting the site.

The site was formerly known as the Fairfield Square commercial center. The center began operations in the early 1960s with the opening of the Pine Top motel and other small businesses that gave the historic Stoney community the distinction of being known as the Island's downtown area. Over time, it was sold to other business entities and owners and became the location of several establishments including the Mi Tierra Restaurant.

Last August, the Town  purchased the 1.93-acre tract for $475,000.

"Structures on the site had been in decline for years and had been placed under a condemnation order by the Town's building official. Investigations revealed the presence of asbestos in the structures," said Shawn Colin, Senior Advisor to the Town Manager. "The owner offered to sell the property to the Town at a reduced price, accounting for costs to demolish the structures and remove asbestos found in those structures."

Colin said the site will be cleared for future use. "The acquisition of the property was consistent with the goals of improving the aesthetics of the William Hilton Parkway corridor as well as managing growth and access through this important section," Colin said. "And we are working with a consultant on land planning for this corridor, which will be an important step in preserving and protecting the Stoney community and its cultural heritage."

Carolyn Grant, Communications Director