Budget Cycle

The budget cycle is a sequence of events covering the life of a budget from beginning to end; from the Town Manager's review of prior year accomplishments and future initiatives, to the Town Council acceptance of the independent audit.

Throughout the entire budget cycle, public input is encouraged to insure the adopted budget is citizen-based.

The budget cycle can be summarized as follows:

November - December

  • Town Manager recommends budget carryover amendment for City Council approval.
  • Town Manager, along with Department Managers, review fiscal year accomplishments and identify future initiatives Town Council consideration during goal setting.
  • Town Council holds 2-day goal setting workshop to develop Vision and Mission statements, identify 5 year goals and establish Policy agenda including Top Priorities for upcoming fiscal year and Management Agenda/special projects.

February - March

  • Town departments prepare Capital Improvement project information and budget requests for review by Town Manager.
  • Town departments prepare operating budget requests for review by Town Manager.


  • Town Manager and Finance Director analyze, review and balance CIP and operating budget requests and prepare final budget recommendation.

May - June

  • Town Council holds public meetings to review recommended budget by department. Meetings are available for live viewing.


  • Town Council adopts budget.