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2021 Accommodations Tax Out-of-Cycle Grants

The Finance Department has prepared an Out-of-Cycle grant process for urgent and emergent needs of non-profits on Hilton Head Island that meet the State Law Requirement (section 6-4-10) of Accommodations Tax funds for the use of tourism-related expenditures.

Application Process

This out-of-cycle process does not include a formal application. Instead, we will require a narrative-style electronic submission including the following:

  1. Summary of Grant Request

    1. Provide the organization name and the name of the project/event.

    2. Provide the requested contact information for the organization and a primary contact.

    3. List the organization's total annual budget for the upcoming year and its 2021 out-of-cycle grant request request.

    4. Provide financials for the current and previous fiscal years.

    5. Provide a detailed description of the intended use of the grant and outline how the money would be used.

    6. Describe how urgent or emergent this event/project either drives tourism to the Island or enhances the visitor experience. Show how this is currently being measured. Thisprovides the Committee with the necessary insight as to how the organization/event impacts the general tourism industry on the Island.

    7. Provide the total annual number of patrons served by the organization/event. Also, provide the total number of tourists, visitors and locals served separately. This provides the Committee with an estimated tourist ratio which may be used to determine grant award allocation based off of TERC recommended practices. Also, please state how this number is calculated.

  2. Description of Operations

    1. Describe the organization/event purpose and overall operation.

    2. The description must state what is intended to be accomplished by Accommodation Tax funds, and the source and amount of other funds to be committed to the operations.

    3. Describe the impact to the organization should it not be fully funded for the 2021 grant request.

    4. Per State requirements, please show how the grant request would be classified (as a percentage). The total amount must equal 100%.

    5. To qualify for an award, all planned expenditures must fall into the categories described in Section 6-4-10 of State Law. Please ensure that the entire grant request is eligible and adequately described in this application. All details described must reconcile with the total request.

  3. Funding

    1. Provide a brief description on how the organization is currently funded.

    2. Please list the top 3 sources of public funding applied for, or received, for 2020 and 2021.

  4. Financial Guarantees and Procedures

    1. Applicants must include a copy of their organization's official minutes wherein the organization approves the application and commits the organization to financial responsibility for carrying it out to the stage of completion contemplated in the application, should funding be approved.

  5. Application Submission

    1. Requests for funding must be submitted by a non-profit organization. Applications cannot be accepted from individuals, for-profit entities, or ad-hoc committees. Proof of non-profit status must accompany applications, e.g., IRS 501 (c) (3) letter.

    2. The full name, postal mailing address, email address and telephone number of a primary contact person, given the authority and responsibility to represent the application before the Committee, must be included.

2021 Out-of-Cycle Application Schedule

Monday, April 26 8:00 am- Grant Application available for email filing
Friday, May 7 4:30 pm - Application Deadline
May 10 - May 14 Staff Review of received Out-of-Cycle Applications  
Wednesday, May 19 Applicant Hearings Virtual
Wednesday, May 126 Applicant Hearings / Review & Recommendation Virtual
Friday, May 28 Applicant Hearings / Review & Recommendation (If Needed) Virtual

Note: Town Council will meet to award the 2021 Out-of-Cycle Accommodations Tax Grant, date TBD.

On December 15, 2020, Town Council considered and awarded the 2021 Accommodations Tax Advisory grants. At that time the Accommodations Tax Advisory Committee decided to leave a surplus for the use at a later date. Council discussed and decided to continue to hold surplus funds of $380,983 until such time they would be needed. They also asked that a process be developed for out of cycle grant requests for implementation.