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Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

  1. Make sure your walls and attic are well insulated.
    Properly installed fiberglass, cellulose, and most foam insulation materials can all reduce the heat conduction of the completed wall system.

  2. Upgrade or replace windows.
    Replace windows with energy-efficient models or boost their efficiency with weather stripping and storm windows.

  3. Plant shade trees and shrubs around your house.
    Good landscaping (particularly deciduous trees) can save energy, especially if planted on the house's west side.

  4. Replace an older furnace with a high-efficiency system.
    We recommend early replacement with a condensing furnace with annual efficiency of at least 90 percent.

  5. Improve the efficiency of your hot water system.
    First, turn down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120°F). Second, insulate your hot water lines so they don’t cool off as quickly between uses. Third, use low-flow fixtures for showers and baths.

  6. Photo of CFL Bulb
  7. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).
    CFLs can save three-quarters of the electricity used by incandescents.

  8. If you buy a new refrigerator, don’t leave the old one plugged in.
    Avoid the temptation to use the old fridge for party supplies and liquid refreshment. The extra storage space will cost you an extra $50-150/year in electricity to keep that older fridge running.

  9. Take advantage of new tax incentives to improve your home.
    Energy efficiency incentives for upgrades to existing homes now cover up to $1,500, including windows, insulation, and heating/air-conditioning upgrades, and 30% credits, without a cap, for solar photovoltaic and solar hot-water systems, small wind systems, and geothermal heat pumps.

  10. Schedule an energy audit for more expert advice on your home as a whole.
    Energy auditors & raters evaluate your home and recommend the most cost-effective measures to improve its comfort and efficiency. Look for raters who are RESNET Accredited.