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How to Dispose of Needles, Lancets and Syringes, also known as "Sharps" at Home

Many residents have medical conditions that require self-injections at home. Because of issues regarding safety and the spread of disease, the disposal of home-generated needles, syringes and lancets (or "sharps") has caused some concern among families and trash collection services as well as landfill and recycling staff.

Responding to this growing concern, DHEC has developed the "Get the Point" program, a safe, simple and convenient way to dispose of sharps. Home-generated sharps should be disposed of in an empty bleach or detergent bottle. First, place the free, warning sticker on the bottle and place the needles inside the bottle. Once the bottle is about 3/4 full, the cap should be tightly secured. Then discard the bottle in the household trash.

To obtain a label, call Cinda Seamon email icon, Fire & Life Safety Educator at 843-682-5141.

Be Safe With Needles

Step 1: Put the sticker on an empty bleach or detergent bottle.

Step 2: Place used needles or lancets in the bottle.

Step 3: Put the cap on the bottle.

Step 4: When the bottle is 3/4 full, secure the cap and throw the bottle into the trash.

Very Important: Always remember to place the warning sticker on bottles!

For additional tips please contact Cinda Seamon, Fire & Life Safety Educatoremail icon, Hilton Head Island Fire & Rescue, 843-682-5141.