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Hoarding and Fire Safety PSA Transcript

This is Cinda Seamon, Public Education Officer for the Town of Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue.

There is a difference between poor housekeeping and what is considered a dangerous amount of clutter. Take a look at your surroundings ~ is your home a fire risk?

We know that hoarding fires are harder to fight. Firefighters often have to climb over clutter or wade through items to find an ignition source. Searches really cannot be done in the traditional way. Firefighters may have a tough time getting inside due to blocked doors, but also may have a hard time getting someone out who might be trapped inside. In extreme hoarding cases, windows and doors might be completely blocked.

All that "stuff" provides a greater fuel load which will burn hotter and faster.

Remember there is a difference between being a collector or being a hoarder. It's a great time to evaluate your situation and start on that spring cleaning.

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