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Parking in the Fire Lane PSA Transcript

This is Cinda Seamon, Public Education Officer for the Town of Hilton Head Island Fire and Rescue.

What's the big deal about parking in the fire lane?????

It only takes a minute for an emergency to occur. A fire can double in size every 18 seconds! Within 3 minutes the temperatures can reach 800 degrees! Every minute that it takes the fire department to get to the fire means it is now larger and hotter.

By stopping, parking, or leaving any vehicle, whether attended or unattended in the fire lane, you are preventing emergency response vehicles from being able to gain access in a timely manner.

Remember, if you park there, others will follow your lead & think it's ok to park there ~but  it’s not ~ it's against the law.

Do everyone a favor and leave the fire lanes for emergency vehicles only ~ it's for your own protection and those you love.

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