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Hilton Head Island Biking Do and Don'ts PSA Transcript

Welcome to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina's only Silver level Bicycle Friendly Community.

You've probably observed that one of the most popular activities around is to get on a bike while here.

Let me fill you in on some of the basics of getting around the Island on a bike.

It goes without saying that you should be wearing a bike helmet, and it's especially important for children 12 and under.

You've probably also noticed what you might call sidewalks and we call leisure paths. You'll want to stay off the roads and stay on these multi-use pathways as much as possible.

Also note the many driveways and intersections along the pathway. The Stop and Yield signs are meant for you, the bicyclist.

Make a point to cross streets at an intersection, traffic light or cross walk. Before crossing intersections, make eye contact with motorists. It's best to walk your bike across major intersections instead of riding. 
Remember, obey the same traffic rules as vehicles, and ride with traffic if you are for some reason biking on the road.

When at intersections, pay close attention to the lighted Walk/Don't Walk signals.

Remember, we share the leisure pathways so when coming up behind someone alert them by bell or voice so they know you are approaching.

If you need to stop on the pathway, be sure to move off to the side.

There are 30 pathway kiosks with maps of the Island that will help direct you on your ride.

Please take advantage of all our Town Parks that have bike racks, restrooms and drinking fountains.  These can be located on the kiosk maps.

We have 12 public beach access points where you can access the hard packed beach at low tide for a unique beach ride.

Thank you for listening. We hope you enjoy your stay on Hilton Head Island.

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