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Community Investing in Community

Recent planning efforts have generated ideas for improvements to facilities on our island. A referendum is a way to fund projects and invest in our community.

  • Arts and Culture planning efforts included a 3-year effort with Venue Committee to identify recommendations to serve the Arts and Culture needs of the community including expansion of the current Arts facility in Shelter Cove. Webb Management Services, the consultant hired by the Town, worked with the Venue Committee to develop viable options. One option included in the recommendations, outlined as Option B "New Construction and Adaptive Reuse", was to renovate the current Arts facility and included expansion in both space and user groups.
    • This recommendation is included in the referendum for Art and Culture facilities.

    Hilton Head Island Cultural Facilities Needs Assessment

  • The Coastal Discovery Museum is looking to expand current facilities on site to enhance their ability to provide education on the region's history, culture, and art.
    • The referendum would provide funding toward the museum's capital program.
  • Coastal Discovery Museum Strategic Plan 2016-2022 pdf icon

  • Historic Mitchelville Freedom ParkHistoric Mitchleville Freedom Park (HMFP) has prepared a master plan and business plan per the requirements of their lease agreement with the Town. The process involved a consultant hired by Beaufort County and included public input. Proposed capital improvements include construction of facilities to provide education on the history of Mitchelville, the first freedman's town in America.
    • The referendum would provide funding toward HMFP's capital program that are intended to include private, local, state, and federal funding.
  • Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park Business Case & Preliminary Long-Range Plan - Draftpdf icon

  • Dixie youth champion baseball teamThe Town's Recreation Open Space Plan was completed in 1995 and outlined parks and recreation facility improvements to be constructed over a period of 20 years. Recently the community requested an update of the plan. As part of the Our Plan process Lose Design was hired by the Town to prepare a Parks and Recreation Master Plan based on a process that included stakeholder interviews, focus group meetings, open houses, and a public opinion survey. 90% of survey respondents indicated they would support or strongly support the Town prioritizing funding of increased quality parks and recreation facilities and programs. Initial recommendations were presented in November 2019 to the Parks and Recreation Commission.
    • The major recommendations are included in the referendum for Parks and Recreation facilities.
  • Parks & Recreation Master Plan Initial Consultant Reommendations pdf icon

  • Our Plan ParticipationOur Plan is the ongoing process to rewrite the Town's Comprehensive Plan. This public process has reinforced Town Council's strategic outcomes including exceptional quality of life, prosperity and innovation, and best in class services and facilities. The community values excellence and expects the Town to continue to provide high quality facilities.
  • Hilton Head Island - Our Plan