Parks + Recreation Master Plan
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Parks + Recreation Master Plan

Mid Island Tract (Town-owned portion of the former Planters Row Golf Course)

Mid Island Tract Location MapArea: 103 acres

This property was acquired by the Town in 2013 and leased to a private company who maintained it as the Planters Row Golf Course for a number of years. The property is now vacant, but the golf course structure still remains with fairways, lagoons, and cart pathways throughout the site.

The Master Plan recommends a new community park should be located at the northern end of the Island. This can provide additional recreation and community amenities so that parks like Chaplin Community Park are not over-used. It is a good location for a new park due to its size, location, and existing pathway connections.

Master Plan Recommendations

  • locate a new community park at this site
  • include pathways and interpretive trails
  • include multi-use rectangular sports fields (turf and/or synthetic turf)
  • include a disc golf or footgolf course
  • think about bird watching and nature for this park
  • include other community park type amenities such as
    • include a new, inclusive playground with pour-in-place safety surface
    • restroom buildings
    • picnic pavilions
    • event lawn or event pavilion

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