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History of the Town of Hilton Head Island Beach Renourishment Program

Early Planning

  • Incorporated Town immediately identified the need for a beach management strategy.
  • Shore Protection Task Group was created in 1986.
  • Semi-annual beach monitoring initiated in 1986.
  • Comprehensive coastal system and engineering alternatives analysis completed in 1987.
  • First regional sand search completed in 1988.

Initial Program Philosophy for Long-Term Strategy (1986)

Restore and Maintain Entire Beach System with Comprehensive Approach

  • Comprehensive Beach Restoration
  • Comprehensive Beach Monitoring
  • Strategic use of shore-stabilizing structures to improve performance/increase longevity of beach nourishment
  • Use of near-island, economically feasible sand sources
  • Attempt to control seaward advancement of development and protect beach/dune resources
  • Sand Resource Conservation

Island-wide Beach Monitoring Program

Supports Comprehensive Project Planning and Management

  • 60+ Beach Monitoring Stations (32 original)
  • Semi-annual survey data dating back to 1986
  • Annual Aerial Photography

Overall Beach Conditions

  • Shoreline Position/Change Rates
  • Sand Volume/Loss-Gain Rates
  • Project Performance

Beach Renourishment Project/Activity History

1990: Initial Restoration of Atlantic Shorefront

1997: First Renourishment of Atlantic Shorefront

  • Channel Relocation (Port Royal Plantation)
  • Restoration of Port Royal Shoreline (south of Fish Haul Creek)
  • Terminal Groin at The Folly

1999: South Beach Emergency Beach Fill Project

2006/2007: Second Renourishment of Atlantic Shorefront

  • Renourishment of Port Royal Plantation
  • Renourishment of South Beach
  • Restoration of Fish Haul/Spa
  • Six Detached Breakwaters at the Folly

2010: Lands End Groin Rehabilitation

2012: "The Heel" Restoration and Terminal Groin

2014: Ocean Point Interim Truck Haul Beach Fill

2016: Third Renourishment of Atlantic Shorefront and Other Restored Areas

Beach Renourishment Program Summary

  • 10.7 Million cubic yards of sand placed
    • restoration and renourishment (through completion of 2016 project)
  • Atlantic shorefront is ~200 wider, on average, than pre-1990 conditions
  • Construction Cost To-Date: ~$60 Million
    • All activities through completion of 2016 project
  • Value of First Tier Shorefront ~$3 Billion