Our Plan, Our Future | 2040
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Vision Development Process

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  • In 2015, the Town Council identified the Vision Development Project as a priority.

  • Future iQ was selected as the Town's visioning consultant in 2016.

  • The project launched in early 2017.

  • Research and scoping interviews were conducted and the Community Profile and Benchmarking Analysis Report was published in early 2017.

  • Throughout 2017:
    • Over 2,500 local stakeholders completed a Community Survey that gauged opinions on a range of topics.
    • Approximately 150 local stakeholders attended a think tank session to discuss and develop potential scenarios for the future.
    • In August and October 2017 a series of 24 Engagement Workshops were held all over the island to gather broad input. Over 1,000 local stakeholders attended the meetings and completed a survey.
    • In December 2017 the Think Tank participants were reconvened to identify the shared areas of interest.

  • The Vision and Strategic Action Plan Report and the Community Engagement Report were published in February 2018.

  • Town Council accepted the Vision and Strategic Action Plan Report and adopted the Vision "Reinventing Sustainability... Again!" on May 15, 2018.

  • Our Plan, the current initiative, links the efforts completed in the Our Future Vision to the new comprehensive plan for Hilton Head Island.

Reports published for Our Future Vision:

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