Our Plan, Our Future | 2040
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Hilton Head Island - Our Plan

Our Future was the Town of Hilton Head Island's long-range visioning process to ensure that our residents, business owners, local institutions and community stakeholders have a voice in future decision-making and planning. It provides the Town with the insight needed to set intelligent, coordinated and creative future priorities.

"Reinventing Sustainability...Again!" is the Vision the Hilton Head Island Town Council adopted. This means the Town of Hilton Head Island will focus on the revitalization and modernization of its economy and infrastructure while building an inclusive and diverse community. The Vision was developed over a year-long period of community engagement. Over three thousand community members spent more than 4,500 hours sharing their thoughts and suggestions online and in person at meetings, briefings, events, and public conversations.

Our Plan, the current initiative, links the efforts completed in the Our Future Vision to the new comprehensive plan for Hilton Head Island. The Town Council included the rewrite of the Town's comprehensive plan as one of their 2019 priorities.

Our Plan is an exciting opportunity to develop strategies and tactics to make our Vision a reality.

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