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Local Vendor Preference

To qualify for the local vendor preference all of the following requirements must be met and certified by the vendor:

  1. The vendor must maintain an office within the legally defined boundaries of the town and have a majority of full-time employees, chief officers and managers regularly conducting work and business from this office;

  2. The vendor must have held a valid town business license for a consecutive period of at least 3 years prior to the date of the application for certification; and

  3. The vendor must submit a local vendor preference certification form and have it certified by the Town prior to the sealed bid/proposal deadline.

Use of the local vendor preference during the bid evaluation process:

  1. For comparing bids, any vendor who meets all the criteria for certification will have their bid price reduced by 5 percent, not to exceed a maximum reduction of $10,000.00. If after the application of the local vendor preference, the vendor is determined to be the low responsive and responsible bidder, they will be awarded the contract; and

  2. Final contract price will reflect the original bid amount before the local vendor preference was applied.

The Local Vendor Preference is not applicable to Requests for Qualifications for professional services.

Certification Statement for Local Vendor Preference Instructions

The certification form below must be completed and returned to the Town of Hilton Head Island in order to be eligible for the Local Vendor Preference.

The statement form should be emailed to: richg@hiltonheadislandsc.gov

Once your certification has been received you will receive written verification that your status as a local vendor has been approved. Whenever you submit a bid proposal, you should indicate your status as a Certified Local Vendor.

Local Vendor Preference Certification Statement Form pdf icon

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